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No Sex Ed for You!

Do any of you remember the Seinfeld soup episode that made Elaine's knees buckle after one taste? The soup chef was very strict, if you didn't follow the rules while purchasing, then'No soup for you!'

I think of sex education like this. Open education and discussions on the topics of sex and sexuality from a young age can lead to a healthy path of self discovery, experimentation, and fun as we age. However, many of us (including myself) were taught by parents, teachers, spiritual leaders, and media that sex is for a select group in society under very specific conditions. Partaking in sexual activities outside of these conditions is very bad and can lead to terrible physical consequences (Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), unwanted pregnancies to name two) and emotional/spiritual consequences (shame, guilt, ostracization, etc).

It wasn't until my late twenties that I realized how limited my knowledge around sex and sexuality was. In school, I learned about body parts, menstruation and STIs. Not one teacher made mention of sexuality at all and the words sex and fun were never in the same sentence. All other information I picked up alone from television, music videos, and magazines, without ever discussing it with others.

Photo by Ivan Bertolazzi from Pexels

After educating many teens, young women, and adults about sex and sexuality as a nurse, I realized that my upbringing is still the norm in this day of age. The amount of misinformation, lies, shame, and guilt that I have encountered when it comes to the topics of sex and sexuality in my work and in my social life are astounding. Even in my own circles of friends, open discussions on sex and sexuality are not occurring.

So let's change that! Join us on October 19 for the UsNow conference as we break apart the topic of sex and sexuality as women of color in a safe environment with experts in the field. Let's challenge what we know, learn from each other, and rid ourselves of the shame and secrecy surrounding sex and sexuality!

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